What is HeadphoneMagic™ Technology?

HeadphoneMagic™ is a patented (pending) technology that compensates for the hearing imperfections of the individual user, as well as the headphone's "less than perfect" frequency response. By doing so, we allow the user to hear the full spectrum of music that was previously missing. 





Measures the individual characteristics of the user's ears across the entire music spectrum in high resolution.




Easy To Use

A short, automated hearing test determines the ears' sensitivity. In a few minutes you can have a perfect listening experience. 





Your results are saved to a personal profile that you can take anywhere and use with any HeadphoneMagic™ powered device. 

Just plug in to experience the full spectrum of music enjoyment.




HeadphoneMagic™ Technology can be integrated into a wide variety of devices, like headphones, amplifiers, media players, and more. 

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