What People Are Saying About HeadphoneMagic™ Technology:


Two-time Grammy Award-winning musician, Jonathan Joseph, had the opportunity to try out Headphone Magic. Check out the video below to find out what he had to say. 

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I was invited to try HeadphoneMagic™ during typical, less than optimal tradeshow conditions. With decades of exposure to live music and power tools, I knew that my hearing was already compromised and thus was intrigued by how well this product might just reveal these damages.

After locating a reasonably quiet location, I was given a brief introductory product overview and then embarked on the easy-to-follow hearing test, which comprises the personalization element of the product’s corrective capabilities. On completion of the test the results were displayed graphically and also stored into a microprocessor-based device that placed in-line between audio source and headphones, which does the actual processing.

I listened to a highly familiar piece of music through a set of common mid-range headphones. That initial switch from “normal” listening mode to hearing-corrected playback was a true “holy moly” moment— remarkable given these well-abused middle age ears.

I would strongly encourage any serious music lover to seek out the impressive HeadphoneMagic™ experience for themselves.
— Stephen B., VP Sales (high-tech company)
Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful device you’ve developed. I will never be able to listen to music the same way again! After HeadphoneMagic™ “calibrated” my ears, the sound that came from THE SAME headphones was so incredibly deep and wide, and so perfect FOR ME. My experience of listening to music will change forever! I can’t wait for this device to be on the market so I can be the first in line to get it. I truly think that this is a product for any music lover in the world—this experience gives new meaning to the word “WOW” when they listen to the same music they’ve listened to for years. It did for me!
— Jonathan E.
HeadphoneMagic™ gave me the opportunity to listen to my music in a very high resolution. I had a perfect listening experience while trying this great product. Suddenly, after a short test, I was able to hear the music that I love in the best way ever! I highly recommend this miracle product. Thumbs up to HeadphoneMagic!
— Zipy G.
If you were to ask me I would say that my hearing is pretty darn good, even excellent. So I was really skeptical before I tried HeadphoneMagic™. What use is this type of technology to me since my hearing is so good? I was surprised to learn, after completing the Hearing Assessment, that there is a range of frequencies (bass/low-mid range) that I am not able to hear well. I couldn’t believe it! But I really noticed the difference once I listened to music using HeadphoneMagic™. I was shocked at how much more of my music I could now experience and how much better it all sounded. I mean, I didn’t even know some of these bass-lines existed in my music. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life! Everyone needs to get their hands on HeadphoneMagic™.
— Benjamin S., 26 years old
The ability to have a device between my music player and headphones transform the quality of music to fit my ears’ hearing fingerprint is quite ingenious. I can hear the rich difference between the untreated output and the treated output when I turn the device on and off and it is quite remarkable! Thanks for letting me experience my music in a new way, personalized for my ears.
— Leeor G.
When I was 8 months old my ear drums ruptured in both ears and since then I have continuously had ear infections, resulting in a significant deterioration in the quality of my hearing. Two months prior to trying HeadphoneMagic™ I had a hearing test at my audiologist’s office. They evaluated the quality of my hearing in preparation for a surgery that would repair the holes that occurred as a result of the burst ear drums. It was determined that some aspects would not be repairable, even with surgery.

I was asked to try out HeadphoneMagic™ and give my honest opinion. I began with the Hearing Assessment and to my surprise the results were identical to those I had received from the audiologist. But this time I was able to listen to my favorite music and discovered many parts and nuances to the music that I had never been able to hear previously. Talk about a life-changing experience! I would strongly recommend HeadphoneMagic™ - it is simply incredible! Thank you for changing the way I am able to hear music—I can’t wait to buy this product.
— Na'ama A.